MCStraducciones is a boutique translation studio, with headquarters in the City of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

One of the basic and most important concepts of translation constitutes the backbone of the studio, said concept being the reason why its Founder has chosen this career over any other one: being an effective, functional communicative bridge that facilitates the exchange of ideas and the establishment of relationships between people from different cultural backgrounds that would otherwise be impaired by virtue of the language gap between them.

MCStraducciones has been conceived in full awareness of the current needs and demands of the global language market. That is why its foundations will likewise be its ultimate goal: the provision of first-rate and efficient language solutions adjusted to the special needs of each particular client. The professionalism and excellence of the studio reflect its standards, which translate into the quality seal of MCStraducciones.


About Us


The Founder of MCStraducciones, Martina Canevari Sánchez, graduated from Universidad del Museo Social Argentino (UMSA), where she obtained both her degrees as an ENG-SP Literary and Specialized Translator and as an ENG-SP Sworn Translator. Curiosity-driven mostly, she has taken Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpretation courses at Escuela McDnough, which introduced her to a wholly different dimension of the language field: Interpretation. And, besides her private practice, she has also served as a Court Expert in Interpretation and Translation for the Argentine Judiciary (PJN) on several occasions. Martina is registered at the Sworn Translators Association of the City of Buenos Aires (C.T.P.C.B.A.), where she used to be an active member of certain committees.


Court Expert Services



Certified and Non-certified Translations 

Bankruptcy, Insolvency and Restructuring
Contract Law
Court documents (rulings, case files, letters rogatory, official letters, etc.)
Intellectual and Industrial Property Law
International Trade
Labor and Employment
Litigation and Arbitration
Notarized documents (PoAs, deeds, wills, etc.)
White Collar and Corporate Crime

Social Science and Humanities

Documents related to education (curricula, transcripts, diplomas, etc.)
Personal documents (certificates, passports, etc.)

Do not hesitate to contact us for any other field not listed above.


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City of Buenos Aires, Argentina